High-end Bathroom Renovation


Across the country, a grand change is sweeping through household bathrooms. Homeowners are demanding much more in the way of comfort and luxury, and designers are responding to the call. For the average homeowner, this means more relaxation, more comfort, and more convenience in the way their plumbing delivers.

Since even a small bathroom can significantly benefit from an upgrade, is it any wonder that bathroom renovations comprise almost 80% of all remodeling projects?

High-end renovations don’t necessarily need a wrecking ball to create a luxurious bathroom. With the right plumber, even a few simple upgrades can transform a bathroom. Homeowners are embracing the new plumbing technology available, as well as luxury and style.

The tub

Think of the comfort of a living room in your bathroom. Baths are now often freestanding or have a stone surround. For the individual who enjoys luxury, a deep soaker tub with a fireplace or flat screen tv are viable options.

The shower

The newest trend in showers these days is glass enclosures: the glass opens up the room to make any bathroom seem larger. Niche shelving in the shower creates discreet storage space. Walk-in showers cater to an aging population. Steam showers, a luxury once confined to the spa, can now be had in the comfort of one’s bathroom. Smart shower heads will notify you when your shower is the right temperature.

Walls and floors

Tile for the walls and floor can be anything from glass mosaic to oversized marble squares which are honed to prevent slipping if they’re on the floor. Tile often covers an entire wall, reaching to the ceiling. Radiant heat floors can keep the whole room warm for added comfort.



Task lighting and layered lighting make a dramatic difference in the ambiance of the bathroom, while at the same time providing illumination. LED strip lighting, chandeliers, recessed lights, sconces, and drop lighting are all making an appearance in the bathroom, depending on the needs of the room and whims of the homeowner.

Windows are more prominent than ever, and for the bathroom which doesn’t have an outside wall, skylights can be added to bring in the natural light.


Vanities are no longer pressboard entities of the past. Instead, the savvy homeowner who wants a unique vanity has turned to repurposed antique dressers and tables. Even butcher block can make an appearance as a vanity top. Smart faucets have sensors which turn the water on when you need it and off when you don’t.

Finishing touches

Dramatic fixtures round out the luxury bathroom. Specialty knobs and hardware which has never seen the inside of a big box store create a one-of-a-kind bathroom which caters to the needs and whims of a homeowner with distinctive tastes.

A tankless water heater can offer an abundance of hot water, but it’s most practical if you have natural gas.

With more options than ever before, homeowners are remodeling their bathrooms into places of opulent comfort and inspired convenience. The modern bathroom, no longer the cold, damp areas of the past, have burst onto the remodeling scene and are here to stay and be enjoyed by all. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, give us a call.

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