House and Bathroom Remodeling Plumbing Services


When a homeowner remodels a kitchen or bath, they want to know about the newest, state-of-the-art plumbing technology. Plumbing is getting Smart, and King Plumbing keeps an eye on the latest in plumbing technology so we can pass these ideas on to our customers.

These ideas can bring comfort, save money, and bring about a higher quality of life which the family can enjoy for years to come. Plumbing isn't just about function anymore; it encompasses beauty, luxury, and wise water use. So if you're in the market for a remodel, call us!


Providing Quality Services From Initial Design To Final Installation

From imagination to installation, we offer premium plumbing contracting services for new plumbing and remodels. 

If you decide to redesign a bathroom or kitchen, give us a call! We can provide the practical application to create your dream design.

Why Let Us Design Your Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel?

Our expertise in plumbing isn't just limited to leaks and stoppages. We have the expertise to help you design plumbing remodels so they will not only bring technology and beauty to the home, but they'll pass building code inspections to give you years of worry-free service.

How To Save On Plumbing Remodel Costs

A homeowner who wants to save on bathroom remodeling will perform the painting, flooring and cabinetry work, but call us to do the plumbing. We're down with this because we understand that even a DIY guru will want their plumbing to be up to code!