We Proudly Provide These Rooter Services For Homes & Businesses Valley Wide 


King Plumbing, Heating & A/C offers professional rooter service, including Hydro-jetting, video camera inspection. Our customers trust our experienced and trained professionals to restore their drain service quickly and affordably, with minimal disruption to their home and property.

We do this with a combination of resources. Initially, a motor-driven snake was the only tool available to manage root-infested drain pipes. But modern methods also include such devices as the video camera inspection and hydro jetting. Video inspection allows us to see the precise location of the problem. As a result, we can determine if the problem is waste, tree roots, or even the collapse of the pipe. Once we know the problem, we will present you with the most cost effective solutions.

We can use hydro jetting to scour out drain issues with pressure up to 3500 psi. Debris can accumulate and cause slow drains throughout your home, but hydro jetting eliminates clogs in a snap.

If the sewer line is broken, a combination of a video camera inspection and sewer line repair can save thousands of dollars in landscape damage. Ubiquitous digging for the damaged pipe has become obsolete as new methods are faster, cheaper, safer, and more accurate.

Regardless of the problem with your drain, let King Plumbing, Heating & A/C be part of the solution. We will answer your call 24/7.



What is a Rooter Service?


Rooter service is professional management of plumbing clogs and blockages which prevent your drain lines from operating correctly. It may involve a combination of drain cleaning practices. Some property owners have regular rooter service to keep problems at bay rather than waiting for trouble.


Why Do I Need a Rooter Service?


Slow drains, clogged drains, bad odors, and wet spots in the landscaping indicate the need for rooter services. Invasive root species are another reason some homeowners opt for regular rooter service. Or, a property may just be experiencing a severe clog.


How long does a Rooter Service take?


At most, a professional rooter service with a hydro jet takes a couple of hours and is good for a minimum of six months. Each job is different, so an expert estimator should come and look at the job to give a better estimated time frame.