Sewer Line Repair & Replacement - Serving the Entire Valley


Sewer lines are the system of giant pipes that carry wastewater and sewage from homes and commercial properties to disposal areas and treatment plants. These systems remain safely underground until these warning signs demand sewer line repair:

  • Extreme odor is coming from the yard or basement due to sewage that is not able to travel to the main sewer lines

  • Sewage is found backing up in your bathtub or toilet

  • There isn’t water in the toilet bowls

  • Flooding in areas around sewage lines from leaking pipe joints

  • Drains in bathroom sinks and bathtub drain slowly or not at all



Typical Damage Found In Sewer Line Repairs:

  • Corrosion caused by aging pipes crack causing their disintegration

  • The ground around and underneath a building’s foundation shifts over time causing damage to pipes

  • Freezing temperatures cause blockages in the sewer lines causing them to burst

  • Spreading tree roots grow into crevices in pipes causing cracks in the pipelines

  • Build-up of debris, food particles, grease, and hair will create clogs adding extra pressure on sewer lines causing damage

  • Inadequately designed installation of sewer lines can cause havoc producing damage

  • Problems with the city sewer system can cause all systems to backup