Expert Toilet Repair, Clog & Installation Services across the Phoenix Metro


Clogged Toilets

The toilet in a household gets a lot of use and probably the most essential bathroom plumbing fixture. Since most all the time they run, or flush in this case, devoid of any issues, it is certainly not a pleasant experience to require a toilet repair. Toilets may perhaps stop flushing properly, clog or even  crack. We can unclog your toilet, regardless of the issue, fast.

Running Toilets

Sometimes a homeowner can hear a running toilet. Periodically, a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank will tell you if you have a running toilet even if its a minimal amount. Toilet repair in the early stages will save water and keep your toilet running perfectly before the leak becomes bigger.



Toilet Replacement

Sometimes, toilets simply crack or wear out. But, more often, a homeowner will decide to remodel the bathroom and replace the toilet with something they like. Since flushing accounts for about 25% of the average family's water usage, some homeowners opt for a  WaterSense® toilet.



Simple Ways To Prevent Clogged Toilets...

  • Never use so-called flushable wipes
  • Avoid flushing feminine products
  • Keep children from flushing toys away
  • Never use the toilet as a trash can for cigarette butts, or anything which isn't toilet paper!